Pre-order in MegaSales Toys FAQs


Why do you need to pre-order?

The first reason is that some toys sold out fastly, and you may miss it without pre-order. Second, some toys are not easy for storage. MegaSales Toys will order less or none if pre-order doesn't exist.

When will Pre-orders arrive?

We have listed the expected arrival date of Pre-orders. Although it may not be accurate, we will notify you via email once it arrived at our facility. After arrivals, we will ship the products with tracking as soon as possible. 

How does MegaSales Toys charge customers shipping of pre-orders?

If your pre-orders are not including shipping, we would charge you shipping once the items arrived our warehouse. We will contact you via email when you need to pay for the shipping. If the pre-orders include shippings, three shipping options will still be shown at the checkout. You have to pay for one of the shipping options. The amount you paid there will be the handling fees of Pre-orders unless specified otherwise. 

What payment gateway does MegaSales Toys used?

MegaSales Toys only accepts PayPal as the primary payment gateway. If you don't have a PayPal account, you can still pay for your pre-orders. You can choose to pay with debit/ credit cards in PayPal during payment. No transaction fees will be required, but currency conversion processing fee may apply.

Can I cancel my Pre-orders after payment?

We won't help you to cancel your pre-order in most situations. Therefore, please think twice before pre-order. However, you can contact us if you really have some reasonable explanations. In some circumstances, we might cancel it.

Pre-orders Fulfillment

We will try to fulfill every pre-orders as possible. If we cannot, we will notify you and cancel it. We will not compensate for any inconvenience caused in that case. We will try to use Hong Kong Post to fulfill each orders and once shipped we will sent you an email with tracking.

Why do other stores have the pre-orders items in stock, but MegaSales Toys doesn't?

As the location and suppliers' shipping method vary, some toys may arrive at other stores faster. We would try our best to make it on time and ship it as soon as possible.

If you have further question, please free feel to contact us.