MegaSales Toys Membership FAQs

What is MegaSales Toys Membership?

MegaSales Toys Membership is a system that encourages our loyal customers to buy more. After joining the membership, you can buy toys at a lower price in MegaSales Toys. We might offer some exclusive toys or gifts to our members. 

Is MegaSales Toys Membership Free?

No, it isn't. We would charge you US$9.99 monthly for the Membership. 

How can I buy the MegaSales Toys Membership?

You can just click the buy button in MegaSales Toys home page or the membership in the menu.

Can I cancel my MegaSales Toys Membership myself?

Yes, you can. To cancel the membership, you need to log in and view My Account. After that, you can click Manage Memberships. Then, you can cancel it under the Actions column.

What if I forgot my MegaSales Toys Membership password?

You can simply click Forgot your password. Once you entered your email, we will send you an email with a link. You can just click the link and reset your password.